If you own a moving company, your main job is not moving things from one place to another. Neither is it making sure your customers are happy. In fact, the most important thing you will do with your day is land another lead.

That's right, Mr. Mover. Your central responsibility is converting leads into a paying job. Here are a few tips to help you convert more and therefore make more.

Get more leads

Obviously, you will need something to convert. There are plenty of places you can go to get leads. Here are a few to get started.

Quality Lead Providers

  1. Equate Media

  2. Home Advisor

  3. Move Matcher

  4. Irelo

  5. Quote Runner

There are other lead providers out there as well. You'll pay less for these, but there will be a lot of apartments and people putting out feelers to see if they can even afford a moving company. More leads will come in, but you'll convert fewer and with low final bills once the move is done. These might be a good place to start if your company is not yet established.

Not-So-Great Quality Lead Providers

  1. Billy

  2. 123Movers

  3. thumbtack

  4. Moving.com

  5. Moving Leads

Who's Talking Now?

Your company's success depends heavily on who answers the phone and who makes the calls to the leads.

Make sure your representative is well-spoken and can communicate quickly and clearly.

Competence will be transmitted over the phone with tone, which should have a mixture of pleasantness and confidence.

Keep in mind most potential customers will be more concerned with being ripped off than their final bill. It is your representative's primary duty to make the customer feel they are about to hire a company that knows what they are doing as well as provide them with quality service.

If you are the one making the calls and have a gruff personality it may be better to have someone else make them. They can come in three times a week for a few hours and exude the grace you may lack. It will be easier to teach them how to sell your service than for you to feign pleasantness.

Gruff, by the way, is not a bad quality in a business owner. Your customers and employees will appreciate the seriousness with which you operate your business. It's simply not what a customer wants to hear when they pick up the phone from someone trying to sell them something.

Shoot for Long Distance Moving Jobs

The further apart the origin and destination, the more money you will make. That's the kind of math we like!

Some lead providers will allow you to filter which leads you get. Do you want local or long distance moves?

This of course depends on a few things. Do you have your own moving truck or are you renting? Do you pay your guys by the hour for driving or by the day? Are you maintaining the proper licensing to go across state or provincial lines?

Owning your own truck is essential to doing long distance moves. It is simply too expensive to rent a truck (even one way) for a move of 300 miles or more. Renting a truck will cost you somewhere between $800-$1600 not including fuel.

A Closer Look at Long Distance Numbers

Let's say your doing a 3 bedroom move at a distance of 1000 miles. Here are the costs involved:

  1. Labor - A crew of 3-4 guys loading for about 8 hours

  2. Fuel - $3.00/gallon (US average) for 2,000 miles (there and back)

  3. More Labor - the driver and the helper driving o destination (8 hours a day x 2)

  4. Hotels - at least three nights. probably four

  5. Per Diem - Be a good boss and give your guys a meal allowance ($30/day x 2)

  6. You should also factor in wear and tear on the truck

Everything on the list is high-cost. Meaning, renting a truck or having incompetent works will drastically reduce your profits.

Yes, you should go for the long distance moves, but only if you can easily bear the upfront cost of taking on the job.

What's Wrong with Staying Local?

Absolutely nothing. You should scoop up the local leads too. There are, however, a few things to think about.

Customers moving locally do not shop around as much for a moving company. Whereas a customer moving a long distance will take the time to get several quotes and communicate with you several times before signing the agreement, local customers tend to book the first company that either picks up the phone or calls them back. So if you're going to be getting local leads you need to have your phone attached to your body at all times.

Even if your sales skills are rough, you're likely to start booking moves if you're the first to speak to them.

Another thing to consider is local move prices. There are some companies out there working for as low as $50/hr. That's tough competition. And quite honestly you should NOT be competing with it. Do not reduce your prices to compete with low quality movers. It's important to build a brand of trust rather than cheapness. It's OK to allow certain customers to get what they pay for.

Many times the companies low-balling estimates are not licensed or insured. If you are then you are in a different category and looking for higher quality customers.

Land More With Reputation

Here at MovingPro we have an automated system that will ask the customer to review your company once the move is completed. This kind of automatic review-getting can be a priceless tool for getting positive reviews on important sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc..

Being able to tell the customer your status on those review sites is priceless. If a customer seems on the edge of going with some other company, you should be able to say with confidence, "We are one of the highest rated companies on Yelp and Google and we are license and insured."

You'll have to build up an online reputation, but once you have it don't be afraid to use it to tilt the odds in your favor.

The On-Site Estimate

Here is your chance to shine. You will already have a massive advantage if you show up to a customer's home or office dressed and smelling nicely with your ipad, a few sharp-looking business cards, and maybe a free pen they can remember you by.

You'd be surprised at the way your competition shows up to these appointments. Sweaty, disheveled, and with poor manners.

Make sure your vehicle is presentable and your shoes are clean before walking onto white carpets and hardwood floors. These are the small things that make a big difference in the subconscious of your potential customer.

If you are using MovingPro to do your estimate, you'll be able to get an estimate approval right then and collect a deposit.

Do these few things and book that move on site!

Get Comfortable

Being at ease is the key to gaining trust in a short amount of time. The customer wants to depend on you for their move. That's why they're out there looking for a mover.

If you watch baseball you'll see pitchers strike batters out to end the inning and simply walk back to the dugout without much ado. No big deal, his demeanor says to everyone, I do this all the time. That's confidence!

The customer is comforted by this kind of attitude when mixed with kindness. Many times they are trusting you to transport every possession they have. It's a big responsibility and would make anyone nervous if it were done by an amateur.

That trust will lead to repeat customers and it's much easier to convince a customer to use your service once they trust you.

Converting leads consistently takes time. Get on the phone and practice. A lot. Perfecting this skill is the key to converting and making your company ultra profitable